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November 21 2014

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May 27 2014

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May 12 2014

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May 08 2014

March 07 2014

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October 03 2013

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Someone take me. Please. Anyone. I want to go now!


I love this place it’s amazing TAKE ME THERE.

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August 30 2013

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Humboldt Redwoods, California
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August 27 2013

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Satans Kingdom, VT, US
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August 26 2013

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Pripyat Fair
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August 20 2013

Dalton Highway - 666km across Alaska: The highway, which directly parallels the Trans-Alaska pipeline, is one of the most isolated roads in the United States. There are only three towns along the route: Coldfoot (pop 13), Wiseman (pop 22), and Deadhorse (25 permanent residents).    
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